Aaminah Amatullah Birmingham woman who shared extremist material jailed

Aaminah Amatullah, 39, lady, shared videos that promoted the act of terrorism for the alleged Islamic State (IS), which is the reason she’s been sentenced to prison for five and a half years for the blatant act she committed. Aaminah Amatullah, who is 38, published what police called “extremist attitude material” on numerous websites, including social networks. websites. In December she was found guilty of two crimes of publication of terrorists, in violation of the law in 2006 on Terrorism Act. She posted the videos of her online acquaintance who turned out to be police undercover in the month of September.

Aaminah Amatullah

She distributed ISIS propaganda videos, which showed corpses of kids as well as inciting terrorism videos that criticized the terror Act. At Birmingham Crown Court on Monday she was sentenced to two terrorism offenses that she denied. She published extremist-themed material across various social media platforms as well as websites. Amatullah is from Livingstone Road, Handsworth, Birmingham is scheduled to be back for a sentencing hearing on the 27th of January. Even earlier (September 2020) she had sent these videos to an officer undercover who had been a web-based contact and friend of Aaminah Amatullah.

“We should not underestimate the dangers nature of extremist propagandism and the impact it has,” Ch Supt Kenny Bell of the West Midlands Counter-Terrorism Unit, said. She also sent horrific pictures of dying and injured children and women to these police officers who were undercover. “Communities combat terrorism and it is essential that the public is aware of every suspicious activity to the police. “She is a homeowner in Livingstone Road, Handsworth, Birmingham. A woman who uploaded ISIS propaganda videos featuring dead children’s bodies has been imprisoned for five years and a half.

Do you know if she is guilty?

Aaminah Amatullah was found guilty for her actions of encouraging terrorism. However, she remained defiant about it. Consider anyone who is accused of committing being innocent until the moment he/she is proven guilty by the courts of law. In the course of the investigation, it was found out that she made use of the encryption method in Telegram messages to transmit video clips that depicted Islamic State (IS) fighters and incite terrorist attacks against the kafirs. This expression is also known as the presumption of innocence.

The Kafirs aren’t believers in their own home countries. It is a fundamental basis that is a cornerstone of English law. English legal system, which has evolved in English and throughout America. The jury in Birmingham Crown Court was informed that Aaminah Amatullah is an occupant in Livingstone Road, Handsworth, was arrested and charged following an undercover probe by police counter-terror on November 2020. It is a fundamental basis that has shaped the law in the English legal system, which has been developed both in English and throughout America. The investigation was made public to two videos that were posted across social media in just four days of the suspect (Aaminah Amatullah) who was not a victim of prior convictions or offenses.

Well, I’m not sure But I don’t have any clue as to what was happening. They also showed pictures of dead bodies that included women and children after an armed struggle to take back the IS the stronghold in Al-Baghuz in Syria. I was too busy to look up the reports this morning.

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