A Gunman Aaron Christopher Kelly

This morning, Aaron Christopher Kelly was arrested for opening fire at the Fred Meyer US supermarket in Washington state. It killed one person, Justin Krumbah, 38 and critically wounded another.Aaron Christopher Kelly, who is 39 who was the suspect of Fred Meyer shooting, the suspect in Fred Meyer shooting, has been detained, Richland police said about 11:30 p.m. Monday night.

A Gunman Aaron Christopher Kelly

Aaron Christopher Kelly, 39 was arrested by police at 241 km from the scene of the shooting.He was discovered at the end of Interstate 90 between Sprague and Spokane. Initially the $1 million police warrant for arrest was issued to this suspect throughout the country.He is scheduled to be transported into Benton County Jail. Benton County jail and held for first-degree murder as well as attempted first-degree murder according to Richland police.

What led to the arrest of Aaron Christopher Kelly Richland Police?

Richland police have arrested Aaron Christopher Kelly, the gunman who shot and killed the Fred Meyer employee and critically injured another. Richland, Washington, police released this image of the man they wanted to find following the shooting in a supermarket Monday.The suspect who shot and murdered an Instacart employee at the Washington Fred Meyer store was arrested in a town 130 miles away following an extensive manhunt. The suspect who was responsible for Monday’s fatal shooting in a store in Washington state was arrested the police announced late on Monday.

Richland police have arrested Aaron Christopher Kelly, 39 of Richland, with first-degree murder for the death of Justin Krumbah, 38, and attempted murder in first degree the murder of another worker who was seriously injured during the shooting.Aaron Christopher Kelly 39 was detained without incident The Richland Police Department said.According to Richland police, Kelly will be held in the Benton County Jail after being taken into custody in the vicinity of Interstate 90 between Sprague and Spokane.Police previously declared Kelly being “armed as well as dangerous” they identified him as the person they believe killed two persons in the Fred Meyer store in Richland the morning of Monday which resulted in the death of one and wounded another.

The suspect was seen in an all-black vest and an oversized black and white plaid shirt in security camera footage of the supermarket.Kelly is accused of one count of premeditated murder and attempted murder, according to the charging documents. Kelly and Krumbah are seen fighting in the video verbally, which resulted in the fatal shooting that occurred around 11 a.m.He was in court on Wednesday afternoon. Kelly appeared last time in the year 2004 Honda Civic with Washington licence plate number BXC3305.Kelly was detained in Spokane, Washington on Interstate 90 in the area between Sprague and Spokane according to police about 100 miles to the northeast of where the shooting occurred in the southern part of Washington.

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