Assamad Nash is charged with murder in the fatal murder of Christina Yuna Lee in Chinatown

In the words of law enforcement officials the homeless man accused of killing a 35-year-old female within the Chinatown residence has lengthy criminal history that includes minor crimes as well as robbery.The homeless man accused of killed a woman who was 35 years old in the woman’s Chinatown residence has long list of petty offenses and the robbery.

Assamad Nash Wiki

Assamad Nash 25, was indicted for murder and robbery in connection with the stabbing murder of Christina Yuna Lee, who died in her bathtub following Nash went to her house early Sunday morning. Assamad Nash 25 was accused of murder and robbery for the suspected stabbing death of Christina Yuna Lee, who died in her bathtub at her apartment on the next morning when Nash drove to her home.

Who is Assamad Nash?

As per court filings as well as sources the career criminal who was staying within the Bowery Mission homeless shelter at the time, made at least twelve arrested in New York and New Jersey even though he was just an adult. This career criminal made around a dozen or so arrests throughout New York and New Jersey that date back to 2012 at the time he was teenager, according to court records and other sources.

Protest against Hate crimes and Violence by Chinatown communities.

Nash was arrested a number of times over the past two years for assault harassment, and possession of drugs and was even arrested in September, for punching one of the passengers who was on the train. Nash tried to flee from the police station during the arrest, kicking open the doors of the police van, and then running off after cops caught him on Sixth Avenue and West 34th Street according to the criminal complaint claims.

What has he been charged with?

According to Bauman the man was scheduled to be to be back in court for the trial next month.He was charged with 27 charges of criminal mischief and was scheduled to appear before the court date of March 9 the prosecutor said. According to law enforcement sources, this is the most likely reason that led to the shocking murder on Sunday.

What have he been accused of?

The incident hasn’t yet been declared an act of terrorism by the police, but it’s the latest in a series of 2023 -related events which will pressure the Mayor Adams to cut down on violence.”I watched the television news around five o’clock when I saw them extricating him from the apartment, and I thought to myself”That’s the man who struck me in the face!'” David Elliot told The Post Monday outside of his Brooklyn apartment.


Nash is believed to have stalked and then followed Lee to her apartment on the sixth floor located on Chrystie Street as per police. Lee probably was unaware she was being followed.”He was following her for six flights, and she was no idea that he was in the building,” said Brian Chin the owner of the building.

Five days before, Nash was busted for selling the MetroCard card for just $2 in the exact same location. He was discovered with K2, also known as synthetic marijuana, inside his pocket According an indictment as well as police sources.Neighbors were able to hear screams and rang 911.In the instance, Nash was again released with his own recognizance according to the prosecution.

Lee’s neighbor next door who refused to be named, told the police “I heard her screaming for help.” “When I was first alerted I went out of the hallway. “If they had taken him into custody for a minor incident this gorgeous young lady would have been working today.”Someone else was in her home, and he tried to persuade her to quiet.”

The woman was detained twice in 2014 for robbery as well as illegal possession of a firearm and was subsequently convicted as a minor for criminal mischief and burglary in 2012, as per the sources.”She shouted: ‘Help me!’ !’… I overheard something which suggested that he was carrying a firearm. I was concerned for my security. I called 911 at that time.”

Due to his criminal history There is a strong suspicion that Nash was planning to steal Lee after he chased her into her home located at the address 111 Chrystie Street early Sunday morning.As the result, I went back to my flat.The incident turned violent and deadly however, leaving Nash suffering stab wounds, and Lee who’s screaming shouts in the form of “Call 911!” were heard by neighbours — murdered inside her bath, according to reports.

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