Axl Jack Duhamel Wiki, Biography, Age, Parents, Ethnicity, Girlfriend, Height

Axl Jack Duhamel has become already a well-known celebrity and people have been keen in finding out more about him. However, today all of the worlds is looking for Jack.Axl Jack Duhamel is a well-known persona, and people have been worried about finding out about him, but right in the middle of nowhere, all of the world is searching for Jack.

Real Name Axl Jack Duhamel
Nick Name Jack
Full Name Axl Jack Duhamel
Profession American Personality and Celebrity Child
Zodiac Virgo
Ethnicity Mixed-White
Marital Status Not Available
Girlfriend/Wife Name Not Known

Axl Jack Duhamel Wiki

The entire social media world is full of content related to him.Whole social media sites are filled with things related to his life. People want to know about his personal life such as his family, net worth, income and others want to be aware of his professional activities.

Axl Jack Duhamel Wiki (Age, Home Town,)

A few people want to know the details of his life such as his family, his net worth, his earnings and others want to learn more about his professional life. Axl Jack Duhamel’s birthday is 29 August 2013 . where he was born was Los Angeles, California, United States.

 Physical Status

Age 8 Years Old
Height (Approx.) 4 feet 1 inch
Weight (Approx.) 26 kg
Measurement (Approx.) Not Known
Eye Colour Not Known
Hair Colour Not Known


Axl Jack Duhamel’s Birthday Date is August 29, 2013 and the place of birth was Los Angeles, California, United States. He is an incredibly popular American personality and celebrity Child.He is a popular American character and Celeb youngster.


The name of his father, Mother’s Name Relationship, Name of Girlfriend and name are listed below.Axl Jack Duhamel’s birth date was the 29th of August 2013 and was born in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Personal Information

Date of Birth 29 August 2013
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, United States
Current City Not Known
Religion Not Known
Nationality American
Education Not Known

Axl Jack Duhamel Wiki, Birthday Date,

Axl Jack Duhamel was born August 29, 2013, and his birthplace is Los Angeles, California, United States. He is also referred to as the son of the well-known American actor Josh Duhamel.He was brought in the spotlight following the announcement by Josh Duhamel, his father Josh revealed his engagement with his long-time partner Audra Mari in January 2023 .

Axl Jack Duhamel Wiki, Parents,

The spotlight was thrown on him following the announcement by Josh, his dad Josh revealed his wedding plans to his long-time girlfriend Audra Mari in January 2023 . He’s a little over 8 years old. He’s 8-Year-Old.Axl Jack Duhamel a well-known celebrity who has caught people’s attention in knowing more about his life. He has a birthday celebration every year.

Family Background

Father Name Joshua Duhamel
Mother Name Stacy Ann Ferguson
Siblings Name Not Known


Many are interested in his private life, including his family, net worth and income as well as about his professional life. It is his full name Axl Jack Duhamel, but he is popularly known for his alias Axl Duhamel. Duhamel.Axl Jack Duhamel’s birthday falls on August 29, 2013 and his birthplace is Los Angeles, California, USA.

What is the Axl Jack Duhamel Instagram Official Account?

His Mother’s Name, Father’s Name, as well as the name of his girlfriend are listed the following information on this page.He is an popular American famous child and a popular personality. If you have more details follow this article to find out all the details Here.Details about his father’s surname and mother’s name, as well as his relationships, his girlfriend’s name and his name are available below.


Source Of Income Not Known
Net Worth $1 million – $1.5 million US Dollars (approx)

Axl Jack Duhamel Biography (Age,, Weight, Measurements)

His birthdate was August 29, 2013.Axl J. Duhamel was born Los Angeles, California, in the United States on August 29 the 29th of August, 2013. He is now 8 years old by 2021.He is the child of Josh Duhamel, a well-known American actor. Jack is currently playing baseball.

What is the Axl Jack Duhamel Twitter Account

In the beginning of January 2023 , dad Josh declared his wedding to long-time partner Audra Mari, which brought him to the forefront of attention. He also participates in protests and other marches for awareness along with his mother.He is about nine (9) years old.

FAQ More About Axl Jack Duhamel Wiki

He was a huge star throughout the course of his life.Every each year, he marks his birthday. His height is approximately 4 feet 1 inch as well as his weight of 26kg approximately. Axl Jack Duhamel can be his complete title however, he is more commonly known by his nickname Axl Jack Duhamel. He has gorgeous eyes and is hairy.

Is Axl Jack Duhamel Age

On the 29th of August 2013, Jack was born. The measurements of his body are not known.Jack is a baseball player. If you have more information follow this article and get the entire information Here.With the help of his mom, he frequently takes part in rallies and other awareness marches.

Who is the Girlfriend of Axl Jack Duhamel ?

Axl Jack Duhamel an incredibly popular American Popularity and Celebrity Child.Throughout his career the popularity of his name grew. As per Social Media reports, his relationship status is not available.His height is around four feet and one inch as well as his weight of 26 kg.


His girlfriend’s Name is Raquel Chaves.He has gorgeous eyes and beard. If you’re looking for more information about his lifestyle , continue to read this article to find out more about his family here.His size and weight aren’t known.

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