Meghnad Saha (Indian Astrophysicist) Biography, Major Works, Education, Age, & more

Born into humble beginnings on October 6, 1893, in the quaint village of Scoratali in Dacca, Meghnad Saha FRS emerged as a luminary in the realm of astrophysics. Hailing from a financially disadvantaged family, Saha defied the constraints of his circumstances, embarking on a remarkable journey that would shape the understanding of spectral lines and pave the way for groundbreaking advancements in the field.

Meghnad Saha Biography

However, the determined and diligent young man never surrendered, and he achieved great success and recognition by persistently dedicating himself to the field of science. Thanks to his efforts, astronomers were able to establish a precise correlation between the spectral classes of stars and their corresponding temperatures. In 1952, he won a seat in the Indian Parliament, representing Calcutta. He was re-elected to the Parliament of India in 1952.

Meghnad Saha Age

He was born in a poor family at Scoratali in Dacca on October 6, 1893.

Meghnad Saha Family

His father was a grocer in the village. He had his early schooling in the primary school of the village.

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Meghnad Saha Education

He served as the Khaira Professor at the University of Calcutta and later as a professor at Allahabad University from 1923 to 1938. Afterward, he returned to the University of Calcutta as the Palit Professor. Additionally, he had been a student at Presidency College, Kolkata, and Rajabazar Science College CU, and eventually became a professor. Furthermore, he held the position of professor and Dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Calcutta.

Meghnad Saha Wife & Daughter

In 1918, he entered into matrimony with Radharani, and together they were blessed with three sons and three daughters. Remarkably, one of their sons followed in his footsteps and became a professor at the Institute of Nuclear Physics.

Meghnad Saha Wife Pic
Meghnad Saha’s Wife Pic
Meghnad Saha Family Pic
Meghnad Saha Family Pic

Meghnad Saha Death

He died of a heart attack on 16 February 1956. He died on the way to the hospital. It was reported that he had been suffering from hypertension for ten months prior to his death.

Major Works

Saha’s most significant contribution to the field of astrophysics is the development of the Saha ionization equation. This equation establishes a relationship between the ionization state of an element, temperature, and pressure. It plays a crucial role in explaining the spectral classification of stars.

Meghnad Saha
Meghnad Saha

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Meghnad Saha Career

Beginning his professional journey, Meghnad Saha served as a Professor at Calcutta University. While teaching postgraduate students, he had a strong desire to engage in research. Recognizing the need to introduce a new branch of science at Calcutta University to inspire and nurture the curiosity of the younger generation, he embraced the challenge. However, he encountered several obstacles along the way, including a lack of research facilities, insufficient funds, and the absence of a mentor.


Name Meghnad Saha
Born 6 October 1893, Shaoratoli, Dhaka. Bengal Presidency, British India (modern-day Kaliakair Upazila, Gazipur District, Bangladesh)
Died 16 February 1956 (aged 62), New Delhi, India
Alma mater University of Calcutta, Presidency University, Rajabazar Science College
Known for Thermal ionization, Saha ionization equation
Spouse Radha Rani Saha

Scientific career

Fields Physics, astrophysics
Academic advisors Jagdish Chandra Bose, Prafulla Chandra Ray
Doctoral students


Saarendra Kumar Mitra, Daulat Singh Kothari

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