Odisha Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana 2023

Odisha Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana 2023 – Odisha’s Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik, has unveiled a transformative initiative known as the Mission Shakti ScootersYojana, designed to empower the members of self-help groups (SHGs) in the state. Across India, both the Central and state governments have been implementing various schemes to provide social security benefits to women. The Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme, launched by the Odisha government, is a significant step toward providing mobility support to rural women involved in self-help groups.

Odisha Mission Shakti Scooters Yojana 2023

With elections on the horizon, opposition parties have characterized the ‘Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana’ as a pre-poll sop, accusing the ruling party of attempting to attract women voters through this initiative. However, on Friday, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s Odisha cabinet approved the Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana, demonstrating a genuine commitment to women’s empowerment.

Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana Odisha, Eligibility And All Details

The official launch of the Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana took place on October 11, 2023, with Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik at the helm. This initiative is primarily aimed at providing mobility support to SHG federation leaders and community support workers. One of its key features is the offer of full interest subsidies on bank loans, with beneficiaries eligible for loans of up to Rs. 1 lakh, empowering them to choose their own scooters.

Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana Overview

These schemes, such as the Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana, play a vital role in providing financial and social security benefits to women across the country. As the assembly elections approach, this program underscores the government’s unwavering commitment to women’s empowerment and the promotion of sustainable mobility.

What Is Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana Odisha?

Chief Minister Patnaik commended the women involved in the Mission Shakti scheme for their outstanding performance. The scheme provides interest subvention on bank loans, facilitating beneficiaries’ purchase of scooters up to INR 1,00,000. Self-help group members in the state can avail full interest subvention on bank loans up to Rs. 1 lakh for the purchase of their preferred scooters. This ambitious program extends interest-free loans of up to Rs.1 lakh for scooter purchases, benefiting members of rural women self-help groups.

Odisha Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana 2023 Online Registration Process

The launch event witnessed 100 women receiving scooter keys, with an additional 15,000 women set to benefit from this life-changing ‘Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana.’ The Odisha government has recently introduced this scheme to offer full interest subvention on bank loans up to Rs. 1 lakh, allowing eligible individuals to buy the scooter of their choice.

Odisha Cm Launches ‘Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana’; 15k Women Receive Scooters

Mission Shakti Minister Tukuni Sahu revealed that approximately 75,000 SHG community support staff and nearly 1,25,000 SHG federation leaders will benefit from this scheme. The Chief Minister personally handed over scooter keys to women during the launch event. The primary objective of the Mission Shakti Scooter scheme is to enhance the efficiency and reach of SHG federation leaders and community support staff.

Odisha-Mission-Shakti-Scooter-YojanaMission Shakti Scooter Yojana Selection

Chief Minister Patnaik lauded the remarkable performance of women engaged in the Mission Shakti scheme and reiterated the government’s commitment to women’s empowerment. Through this scheme, women in the state are granted full interest subvention on bank loans for purchasing scooters. The Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana stands as a monumental step forward in supporting women’s empowerment, particularly those in rural Odisha.

Eligibility Criteria of Odisha Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Odisha
  • Applicants must be women
  • The applicant must be associated with a self-help group
  • The women should not be a defaulter of any Bank


Article Name Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana
Launched by Odisha CM Naveen Patnik
Target Providing interest free loans to buy scooter
Beneficiary Women of Odisha
Application Mode Online
State Odisha
Official Website missionshakti.odisha.gov.in

Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana Beneficiary List

The state government has allocated INR 528.55 crore over the next five years for this program. In a remarkable development, around 15,000 women have already benefited from this scheme within a single day. By providing interest-free loans for scooters, the program aims to empower these women, enabling them to fulfill their responsibilities effectively while fostering social change and development in their communities. It is indeed a significant stride toward supporting these women in their mission as they receive their Mission Shakti scooters.

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