Vaikom Muhammad Basheer Biography, Age, Education, Family, Career & more

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, known for the endearing title of Beypore Sulthan, was a highly esteemed figure in Malayalam literature. In addition to his remarkable prowess as a writer, he was also recognized as a freedom fighter, novelist, and ardent humanist. Basheer’s literary creations have transcended language barriers, having been translated into numerous languages, thereby garnering him widespread recognition and acclaim on an international scale.

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer Biography

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer was a multifaceted individual, excelling in various roles as a writer, humanist, freedom fighter, novelist, and short story writer. Renowned for his groundbreaking and down-to-earth style of writing, Basheer captivated both literary critics and the common man alike. His literary repertoire encompassed remarkable works such as “Baalyakaalasakhi,” “Shabdangal,” “Mathilukal,” “Paaththummaayude,” and “Anarga Nimisham,” among others, showcasing his immense talent and creativity.

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer Picrure
Vaikom Muhammad Basheer Picrure

Personal Information

Full Name Vaikom Muhammad Basheer
Nickname AKA Basheer
DOB (Date of Birth) January 21, 1908,
Age 86 years
Birthplace Thalayolaparambu, India
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Nationality Indian
Hometown Thalayolaparambu
Religion N/A


School studied in English medium school at Vaikom
College/  University N/A
Qualification N/A

Physical Stats


Feet & Inches N/A
Meter N/A
Centimeters N/A
Weight N/A
Eye Color N/A
Hair Color N/A
Body Measurements N/A

Family Information

Father Name Kaye Abdul Rahiman
Mother Name  Kayi Abdurahman
Siblings Brother­ – Abdul Khader
Marital Status Married
Wife Fabi Basheer
Children Son- Anees Basheer, Daughter-  Shahina Habib


Girlfriend N/A


Profession Novelist, Screenwriter, Songwriter, Essayist, Diarist
Net Worth $42 Million


Color White
Food Besan ka Ladoo, Steamed Modak
Actor/Actress Amitabh Bachchan, Vidya Balan
Song Indian Song
Movie Diljale
Hobbies Writing, Reading, Listing Song
Destination Goa
Vaikom Muhammad Basheer Young Age Picture
Vaikom Muhammad Basheer Young Age Picture
Vaikom Muhammad Basheer with his Wife (Fabi Basheer)
Vaikom Muhammad Basheer with his Wife (Fabi Basheer)


Coming from a large family, Vaikom Muhammad Basheer experienced a modest upbringing in his early years. He was one of several siblings, with Abdulkhader, Pathumma, Haneefa, Anumma, and Aboobacker being his brothers and sisters, listed in order from eldest to youngest. Basheer was born on either January 19 or January 21, 1908, in Thalayolaparambu, a village near Vaikom in the Kottayam District of Kerala. His parents, Kayi Abdurahman, and Kunjathumma, led a simple life. His father was a timber merchant, and Basheer was their eldest child.


Basheer was born on January 19 or January 21, 1908, in Thalayolaparambu (near Vaikom) Kottayam District. At the death time, he was 87 years old.


During his early schooling, Vaikom Muhammad Basheer attended a Malayalam medium school. However, as he progressed in his education, he transitioned to an English medium school in Vaikom. This English medium school was located five miles away from his home.

Wife Daughter & Son

His wife’s name is Fabi Basheer. The couple had a son, Anees, and a daughter, Shahina, and the family lived in Beypore, on the southern edge of Kozhikode.

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Determined to contribute to the fight for Indian independence, Vaikom Muhammad Basheer made a significant decision during his schooling years. While he was in the fifth form, he resolved to join the struggle for independence, leading him to leave school and embark on his journey. In 1930, Basheer traveled to Kozhikode to participate in the Salt Satyagraha, a pivotal event in the nonviolent civil disobedience movement led by Mahatma Gandhi. Basheer’s commitment to secularism was a defining aspect of his personality. He held a deep respect for all religions and embraced a pluralistic outlook. This secular attitude guided his interactions with people of different faiths, fostering harmony and understanding. After participating in the Salt Satyagraha, Basheer was arrested and detained. However, he was later released following the signing of the Gandhi-Irwin Pact in March 1931.

Short Stories List

A short stories list by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer is given below the table.

# Translation in English Title
01 The World-renowned Nose Vishwavikhyathamaya Mookku
02 The Snake Ritual Sarpayajnam
03 The Prostitute of the Poor Pavappettavarude Veshya
04 The Laughing Wooden Doll Chirikkunna Marappava
05 The Inheritors of the Earth Bhoomiyude Avakashikal
06 The Hunger Visappu
07 The Fools’ God Man Shinkidimunkan
08 The Birthday Janmadinam
09 Jottings from Memory Ormakkurippu
10 Invaluable Moment (See “Anal Haq”) Anargha Nimisham
11 Fools’ Paradise Viddikalude Swargam
12 Elephant-hair Anappooda
13 A Bhagavadgeetha and Some Breasts Oru Bhagavad Gitayum Kure Mulakalum

Others List

# Notes Translation in English Year of Publishing Title
01 Speech Hark! The Final Clarion-call!! 1992 Cheviyorkkuka! Anthimakahalam
02 Screenplay; adapted from the short story “Neelavelicham” Bhargavi’s Mansion 1985 Bhargavi Nilayam
03 Reminiscences of his friendship with M. P. Paul 1991 M. P. Paul
04 Play Story Seed 1945 Kathabeejam
05 Essays 1938 Dharmarajyam
06 Diary The Days of Desire 1983 Anuragathinte Dinangal
07 Commentary and memoirs The Cells of Memory 1973 Ormayude Arakal
3 Commentary and letters Truth and Lie 1969 Nerum Nunayum
9 Collection of stories, essays, letters and poem; Published posthumously Oh God! 1997 Yaa Ilaahi!
10 Collection of stories, essays and play; Published posthumously Life is a Blessing 2000 Jeevitham Oru Anugraham
11 Letters; Published posthumously Basheer’s Letters 2008 Basheerinte Kathukal

Filmography List

A complete filmography list by actor Vaikom Muhammad Basheer is given below the table.

Contribution Year Title
Story, screenplay, dialogues 1964 Bhargavi Nilayam
Story, screenplay, dialogues 1967 Balyakalasakhi
Story, screenplay, dialogues 2023 Neelavelicham
Story 1975 Mucheettukalikkaarante Makal
Story 1985 Premalekhanam
Story 1990 Mathilukal
Story 1995 Sasinas
Story 2013 Kathaveedu
Story 2014 Balyakalasakhi
Story 2017 Basheerinte Premalekhanam
Acting 1988 Dhwani

Published Works

  • Viddhikalude Swargam [Fools’ paradise] (Short stories) (1948).
  • Shabdangal [Voices] (Novel) (1947).
  • Premalekhanam [ A love letter] (Novel) (1943).
  • Ormakkurippu [Jottings from memory] (Short stories) (1946).
  • Muchcheettu kalikkaarande Makal [The daughter of the card-shark] (Novel) (1951)
  • Maranathininde Nizhalil [In the shadow of death] (Novel) (1951).
  • Kathaabeejam [ Seed of a story ] (Play) (1945).
  • Ente uppuppakkoru aana undayirunnu [Me grandad had an elephant] (Novel) (1951).
  • Baalyakaalasakhi [ Sweetheart from childhood] (Novel) (1944).
  • anmadinam [Birthday] (Short stories) (1945).
  • Anargha nimisham [Invaluable instant] (See Anal Haq) (Short stories) (1946).
  • And other

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