When the news of the death about Alicia Hermida, a Spanish actress, goes viral, 

It was Wednesday the morning when the sadness news of the death of the famous Spanish actor Alicia Hermida came into the news.The Internet is mourning the loss of Spanish actress Alicia Hermida. The news was spread in a matter of minutes on the internet.

When the news of the death about Alicia Hermida

The famous actress from Madrid, Alicia Hermida sadly died in the year 89.All his fans , and even people who haven’t yet heard about her have tears in their eyes due to her work. Her talent is just so amazing that anyone listens to her will automatically become a fan.

Achievements and career of Alicia Hermida:

According to sources, the actress passed away in a nursing facility situated in Villanueva de la Canada (Madrid) which is in which she lived with her husband, as well as the actor Jamie Losada.Alicia Hermida was a Madrid-based actress who died in a tragic manner. occurred in one of the hospital facilities of Villanueva de la Canada, which is an institution in Madrid.The information about Hermida’s death has been confirmed through her Management Association of AISGE actors and dancers.

Was the Spanish model Alicia Hermida?

Alicia Hermida was one of the well-known actors of The Spanish movieography field. She was a part of several big names in the film industry, and made her voice to several movies.She was born on 1932, in Madrid. Alicia was most famous for her role as Valentina Rojas on her role in the TVE show Cuentame que pasa. Her studies were finished by her Conservatory of Music and Performance in Madrid.Alicia was a member with the number 1,619 of the AISGE.

What Was Alicia Hermida Cause of Death?

Her real title is actually her real name is Alicia Perez Herranz.During her time in the field she made her presence felt through the help of her talent.She has been married to Jamir Losada, one the actors.She has been able to make her name well-known for AISGE (Performing Artists Management Company) An entity that is involved in distribution of talent among actors as stage directors, actors and dancers.

Familie of Alicia Hermida

When she spoke about her mother and father the subject was not known the two of them to her.When it was announced about the passing of Madrid the company that manages copyrights remembered that Alicia was recognized with the Todo Una Vida award by the Union of Actors and Actresses in the year 2017.

Who was Alicia Hermida?

Because she had never disclosed any of her personal details so her brother was not known to us. In the 1950s the actress made her appearance through her work at the theatre. Her daughters were unknowledgeable to us. She also was a film actress along with “Maribel and the odd family” in the year 1960.

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